Kristy Arnett Podcast


In the time I have known Kristy, she has went from being a student at IPFW in Fort Wayne, to working for Cardplayer Magazine and then PokerNews.  She has always been a positive person and she shares this mentality on her website and podcast.  If you are like me, and are wondering, “WTF Am I Doing With My Life?”, I highly recommend subscribing to her wonderful podcast!


Podcast: WTF Am I Doing With My Life?




Johnnie and I met through his brother, Andrew Moreno, back in 2005.  At first, we only hung out when we were getting limo’s and going out.  He would end up moving to Vegas with his brother and pushed himself to become a great poker player.  His positive vibes and impeccable style, eventually led him to create his clothing line, Deep Vibes.  After years of experience in poker and business, Johnnie decided to share his story in Vlog format and has quickly grown a large following.  He would end up being the guy that pushed me to start my podcast & ended up being my first guest.


Vlog: JohnnieVibes