Ep. 2 – Weight & See with Jordan Vachon

In episode 2, I am chatting with Jordan Vachon.  Jordan played rugby and was a cheerleader at Purdue University and since graduation, he has had an ongoing battle with his weight, which was something that was very relatable to me.  I currently weigh in around 280 pounds and I do not feel healthy.  Jordan approached me a little while back about joining a weight loss competition that he was putting on and I jumped at the opportunity.

I asked him to join me to talk not only about weight, but battles with confidence and alcohol.  I know between the 3, most people have battled with one or the other, so I hope that you can relate to the conversation.

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I am an entrepreneur, part-time poker player and I have changed my life, by changing my mindset. I feel like we are all capable of doing great things, but we truly have to be dedicated to helping ourselves to accomplish what we truly want. I am not rich and famous. I am a regular guy that has changed the way he thinks about life and in turn, life has changed for me. I just hope that something that you see or hear from me, helps you the way some people helped me.

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